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Scott Anthony Andrews
Regina, SK


Scott Anthony Andrews is an #AdultContemporary #SoftAC #SmoothJazz #AC-Inspiratioanl singer-songwriter. Scott Anthony's  voice is soothing; his melodies are interesting with, at times, unexpected harmonies. He reminds one of Michael Bublé, Elton John, George Michael and Josh Groban.

Courage Walks with Us (Released October  2014)
Scott Anthony Andrews followed his 2013 Faith is a Bicycle with the musically diverse, Courage Walks with Us (2014) #Soft-AC #SmoothAC #AC-Inspirational. The same Sask crew accompanied; Rich McFarlane (guitar), Gent Laird (bass), Glenn Ens (percussion), Ross Nykiforuk (organ & sax), who also produced. Scott Anthony penned all songs, performed all vocals & piano tracks. In 2014, the Singer-Songwriter Mentor Contest sponsored by Songwriters Association of Canada, named him a Top Finalist for #Soft-AC The Chronoscope Trips, lead song on Courage, where everything from parallel universes, strutting in stilettos, to Saskatchewan winter is covered. Indeed, the #SmoothAC track "As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)" received radio-play across Canada, especially in the Maritimes...where last winter was, shall we say, less than polite.

Faith is a Bicycle (Released April 2013)
Faith is a Bicycle (2013) #AC-Inspirational and #Gospel was Scott Anthony Andrews’ inaugural foray into the recording studio with his own work.  This collection ranges from New Age relaxation, Seven Times My Soul and Everyday Sacredness to soul-stirring gospel like I Say Amen to That. This CD is 100% Saskatchewan, where all the musicians hail from—Rich McFarlane (guitar), Gent Laird (bass), Glenn Ens (percussion), Ross Nykiforuk (organ & producer). Scott Anthony toured Faith throughout Western Canada and the Maritimes (Spring 2013), and performed with two different harpists, Mary Lynne Whyte and Sharon Elliot, as well as different choirs, such as Amici Singers,  Cadence, and the Maple Creek Choir.   Faith received airplay on CBC, and also garnered internet radio airplay and favourable blog attention. Scott Anthony arranged some songs for choir and several vocal ensembles performed them, most notable “I Say Amen to That.”

Thanks to Brent Nielsen from The Stillhouse Poets for shooting and editing all the videos.


  • Scott Anthony Andrews …comes in from the rain to dry off at Carvalho Mastering Studios with his soon to be released CD “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That”

    Scott Anthony Andrews …comes in from the rain to dry off at Carvalho Mastering Studios with his soon to be released CD “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That”

    June 7, 2017

    It was a grey wet, wet, windy afternoon in Toronto. The kind of deluge day where your umbrella quickly gives up any pretence of maintaining a shape. Despite such weather, Scott was in TO and so ventured to João Carvalho Mastering, where his upcoming CD “I Don't Do Lazy Like That” was being expertly mastered by Charles (Chuck) Carvalho. This is Scott's third CD in five years, and for some reason he feel especially attached to this one. As he stepped out of the rain, and vainly attempted to refashion his umbrella, Scott soon came to hear that his songs were in really good hands.

    Scott Anthony Andrews has been fortunate to work with the same excellent Saskatchewan musicians on all his CDs, Glenn Ens on percussion, Gent Laird on bass, Rich McFarlane on guitar, and Ross Nykiforuk on sax, accordion, organ, and piano. Scott himself wrote the twelve songs, sang lead and back-up vocals, and played piano.  Of course, Ross produced this CD, as he did Scott's others, at his Cosmic Pad Studios in Saskatoon, SK. It was not Scott's intention to create a Canada 150 album, though it appears he has ended up with one.  The song, “Muskoka” is an ode to summers in central Canada. “A Blanket of Horses,” was inspired by the famous Métis Cree artist Mr. Bob Boyer’s “Carousel of Life”, large mural that formerly adorned the outside of the Safeway grocery store in Regina’s Cathedral neighbourhood. The Safeway has been re-built, though a picture of that painting remains in the entrance way. “Jazz on the Harbour” chronicles the adventures of Theodore, the famous tugboat docked in Halifax Harbour, as he becomes a jazz aficionado by experiencing the music of the Halifax Jazz Festival (or, so the song goes…). Similarly, “Running Away with the Stars” speaks of Saskatchewan jazz under big skies.  

    As co-chair of the Regina Regional Writers Group, Scott is quite active in the Songwriters’ Association of Canada (SAC). He participated in the 2015 and 2016 SAC songwriting challenges, during which the smooth jazz title track, “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That,” was written. Perhaps the most heartening song on the CD is the story of Twyla and Shawn, two friends of his who began dating as high school sweethearts. Every Friday evening at the Falkon Theatre in Nipawin, SK, Twyla and Shawn met there and watched whatever movie happened to be playing, and did so until marriage. Years later, the Falkon renovated. Shawn purchased their exact Friday night seats, re-furbished and installed them in their newly created a movie room in their home—all as a surprise for Twyla.  How romantic! Such a story needed to be a duet, which is entitled “Our Story Began in These Seats,” and none other than the incomparable Belle Plaine sings it with me! What an absolute thrill.

    Back to TO and coming in from the rain to Carvalho Mastering. The opening track “Isn’t that the Reason” started as one of those choruses one writes that absolutely gets stuck in your head. Bryan Lowe, the studio manager, chose that track to demonstrate some of how the mastering works. One of the key principles of mastering is that acoustic experience be as best and as coherent as possible across platforms. Bryan played the song on the large speakers, then on shelf speakers, then on a BOSE iPod deck…and Chuck Carvalho, the engineer listened to the tracks in his car. So, Chuck really achieved consistency across audio devices. Of course, hearing this song on all those apparatuses caused it to be ‘jammed’ into Scott's head even more: "It was such a treat to hear my stuff at João Carvalho songs certainly received the star treatment—and did not have to travel through the rain to get it ;)"

    Scott Anthony is currently completing the final edits to liner notes for “I Don’t Do Lazy Like That,” and is looking forward to a fall release.


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  • Courage Walks With Us

    Various Artists

    June 2015

    Andrews, a prairie singer/songwriter, studied composition, piano and vocal jazz at Vancouver Community College. Scott’s genre is Adult Contemporary, with significant nods to smooth jazz/smooth-AC, Soft-AC, AC-R&B and AC-inspirational, each of which colours his new CD of self-penned works. Andrews chose to work with the same talented Saskatchewan crew as on his first album: Rich McFarlane, Gent Laird, Glenn Ens, and Ross Nykiforuk. The title track, Courage Walks with Us, is full of pomp and prairie-pageantry. The overall feel is retro and relaxing...perfect for long winter nights. Produced by: Ross Nykiforuk. Recorded at: Glennross Studios, Saskatoon. More info:

  • I Don't Do Lazy Like That

    Various Artists

    October 2017

    Andrews’ third album is a broad collection of original songs that touch upon jazz (as a lyrical theme), love and longing, the Prairies, and Robert Boyer painting “The Carousel of Life.” Scott brought back longtime collaborators Glenn Ens on percussion, Gent Laird on bass, Rich McFarlane on guitar, and Ross Nykiforuk (also producer) on sax, accordion, organ, and piano, as well as Belle Plaine for a duet. The 12 tracks highlight Andrews’ love of the traditions of jazz music (chord palette, improvisation, and laid-back rhythms) with the singer-songwriter tradition of strong narrative writing and audience connection.

    Recorded at: Cosmic Pad Studios, Saskatoon. Produced by: Ross Nykiforuk.  Released: October 5, 2017



Seven Times My Soul

From Faith is a Bicycle

The Chronoscope Trips

From Courage Walks with Us

As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)

From Courage Walks with Us

Twins with a Little Bit Extra

From Courage Walks with Us

I Say Amen to That

From Faith is a Bicycle


  • As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)

    An acoustic version of "As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)" (released February 2015), the first single from my CD "Courage Walks with Us." This song has been played on radio stations across Canada, from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Regina, Saskatchewan ...wherever winter is "difficult"...

  • The Chronoscope Trips

    "The Chronoscope Trips" is the second release from my CD "Courage Walks with Us". The lyrics came to me after reading Brian Greene's "The Hidden Reality." This is an acoustic version, just me and a Steinway...

  • Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square

    An acoustic version of "Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" of my most favorite standards...

  • Scott Anthony Andrews with Carter Powley performing "As If I Could" Live at Regina JazzFest 2015

    Scott Anthony Andrews with saxophone player, Carter Powley, performing live at Regina JazzFest 2015.  The Hilton Double Tree in downtown Regina provides a cool and hipster backdrop for the gig. The sax really adds to Scott Anthony’s #SmoothJazz release “As If I Could (Say No to You Old Man Winter)” from his current CD “Courage Walks with Us.” Carter is an accomplished sax player with his own trio and quintet.  Thanks to Brent Nielsen from The Stillhouse Poets for shooting and editing the vide...