Chris Carlier

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Genres: Electronic, Jazz, Pop, Sound Art


Chris Carlier
Regina, SK


Composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist Chris Carlier is an unusual indie pop recording artist. With influences ranging from Norwegian film composer Kaada to Nintendo's Koji Kondo, his songs are darkly fun, catchy, and wildly imaginative - featuring wind instruments, percussion, piano, strings, synthesizers and drum machines!



  • Short Songs For Patrons II

    Various Artists

    August 2020

    Back for a second year, I wrote/produced/recorded a personalized piece of music for every person who became my patron before the end of June, 2020.

  • Short Songs For Patrons III: The Photo Album

    Various Artists

    November 2021

    Chris Carlier is excited to announce his latest album: Short Songs For Patrons III: The Photo Album. Releasing early November, 2021, this is a unique collection of very short, personalized theme songs written for individual people, based on photographs they sent him. Some of the photos submitted contained personal memories, while others are just fun or random snapshots. Chris wrote, produced, and recorded each song as a kind of miniature soundtrack, fit to each moment. Stylistically, the music covers a lot of ground, from big, orchestral works to bluegrass, electro pop, ambient and more.


Felipé's Crab Shack

From Short Songs For Patrons II


From Short Songs For Patrons II

Star Boost

From Short Songs For Patrons II

Through The Secret Door

From Short Songs For Patrons II


  • Clouds.

    Song released January 8, 2019.