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Genres: Alternative, Electronica, Rock


Megan Nash
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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PandaCorn is a strange beast that resulted from cross breeding childish fantasy with depressing realism. Upbeat rhythms and melancholy lyrics are accompanied by wet electric guitar, fat bass synth and pulsing, intense drums. Voices are blended together in bittersweet two part harmonies over a mix of art rock, pop-punk electronica.



  • Synthesis of Opposites

    Various Artists

    September 2013

    Black and white, imaginary and real, urban and rural, country and synthesizers. PandaCorn is Megan Nash and Brodie Mohninger butting heads and making music that somehow incorporates seemingly opposing worlds, shaped greatly by their backgrounds as singer/songwriter and riff rocker respectively; the brilliant result of the combined creative restlessness of a country sweetheart and a ’70s-inspired guitar hero. It precedes a full length to be released in 2014. “It’s like Neko Case took a trip back in time to the early ‘90s and met the Pixies for a jam session.” - David j Taylor. Produced by: Brodie Mohninger and Megan Nash. Recorded at: Last Resort Studios, Moose Jaw SK.