Alexis Normand

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Genres: Adult Contemporary, Folk, Jazz


Alexis Normand
103, 835 Heritage Green.
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 5S5

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Alexis Normand arrives on the spellbinding winds of the Great Plains. Whether soaring evocatively from delicate fingers on piano keys, or grooving with the sounds of a jazzy guitar, her songs are rare jewels, drawing the listener in with every sparkling note. Her voice - refined, clear, sensitive, sensual - and her intricately crafted lyrics in French and English take us on a true and simple journey through the human experience.

Recently named Francophone Artist of the Year by the Western Canadian music awards, Alexis has also been nominated for several other awards, like a Canadian Folk Music Award and the Lieutenant Governor’s Award.  

In addition to being an accomplished singer, Normand is a multi-instrumentalist who plays acoustic and electric guitars, piano and ukulele and is also a member of the sassy vintage-inspired trio, Rosie & the Riveters. 



  • Mirador

    Various Artists

    January 2013

    Mirador - the result of a collaboration with visual artist Zoe Fortier... smooth jazz-folk inspired by the prairies. Produced by Benoit Morier in Montreal, QC.

  • Alexis Normand

    Various Artists

    November 2016

    Whether performing in English or French, Alexis can enchant with a sultry, soulful vocal delivery in one song, or take you to a warm, safe shelter from a raging prairie storm in the next. Her music is jazz-infused folk that brings these two dispar...


Mauvais sort

From Alexis Normand

Johnny Cash

From Alexis Normand

Sing Me Home feat Daniel Lavoie

From Alexis Normand

Le ruisseau

From Mirador


  • Le Ruisseau

    Alexis Normand's official music video "Le Ruisseau" by Andrei Feheregyhazi

  • Johnny Cash

    Live rendition of single from Alexis Normand's self-titled record (2017)

    Lyrics by: Daniel Beaumont // Music by: Alexis Normand 

    Performance by Alexis Normand and Marc Papillon-Ferland. 

    Video by Matt Smith 

    Audio recording by Dan Canf...