Alexis Normand

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Alexis Normand
Saskatoon, SK

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Alexis Normand’s jazz-folk music in French has been recognized across Canada to critical acclaim. Named Francophone Artist of the Year by the Western Canadian Music Awards, her list of nominations also includes the Canadian Folk Music Awards and the Lieutenant Governor’s Arts Award in her home province of Saskatchewan.

In 2016, she put her solo career on hold to make her side project with Rosie & the Riveters a full-time endeavor. They toured internationally and recorded 3 albums. Their 2018 album, Ms. Behave, peaked at #3 on Canada’s CBC Radio 2 Top 20 and was featured in publications such as Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone. Before the band dissolved in 2020, their music was used in television shows and commercials, most notably for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee and CBC’s Workin’ Moms.

Next year, Alexis will release a bilingual and deeply personal record that dives into her francophone experience living in a minority-language context. Produced by James Bunton (Donovan Woods, Celeigh Cardinal), the album marks her long-awaited return as a solo artist, one brimming with warmth and vulnerability.


Date Event Venue
Jul 10 SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Victoria Park
Saskatoon, SK
Jul 11 SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Victoria Park
Saskatoon, SK
Jul 12 SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Victoria Park
Saskatoon, SK
Jul 13 SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival
Victoria Park
Saskatoon, SK


  • Mirador

    Various Artists

    January 2013

    Mirador - the result of a collaboration with visual artist Zoe Fortier... smooth jazz-folk inspired by the prairies. Produced by Benoit Morier in Montreal, QC.

  • Alexis Normand

    Various Artists

    November 2016

    Produced by Marc Pérusse (Serge Fiori, Luc De Larochellière), the album showcases 11 jazz-tinged folk songs that feature the chanteuse’s soft, warm voice. Recorded at: Le divan vert, Studios Planète, Studio Dandurand and Studios Picollo Montréal.

  • Good Clean Fun!

    Various Artists

    October 2015

    Rosie & the Riveters first studio recording, produced by Murray Pulver. This record earned a nomination at the Canadian Folk Music Awards (Vocal group of the year) and at the Western Canadian Music Awards (Roots Group of the Year). 

  • Ms. Behave

    Various Artists

    April 2018

    Rosie & the Riveters second studio album, Ms. Behave, was produced by Joshua Van Tassel. It was recognized with several awards such as a Western Canadian Music Award (Roots Group of the Year), along with several other nominations. 

  • Mementos

    Various Artists

    September 2023

    Produced by James Bunton (Donovan Woods, Caleigh Cardinal), Mementos speaks of the essence of Alexis Normand’s bilingualism and also nods to a birth: that of an assumed identity situated somewhere between French and English. This record lifts a fine veil between those linguistic worlds, which felt like an iron curtain for a long time.

    Some of Canada's best folk musicians play on this record: Joshua Van Tassel on drums (Amelia Curran, Great Lake Swimmers); Mark McIntyre on bass (Madison Violet, Donovan Woods); Christine Bougie on acoustic guitar (Bahamas, Amy Milan); Robbie Grunwald on keys and vibraphone (Jill Barber, Lydia Persaud); and Drew Jurecka on strings/arrangements. Alexis performs acoustic guitar, piano and all the vocals.  ...


Mauvais sort

From Alexis Normand

Sing Me Home feat Daniel Lavoie

From Alexis Normand

Le ruisseau

From Mirador

Prends Garde (Let'em Talk)

From Ms. Behave (Rosie & the Riveters)


  • Johnny Cash

    Live rendition of single from Alexis Normand's self-titled record (2017)

    Lyrics by: Daniel Beaumont // Music by: Alexis Normand 

    Performance by Alexis Normand and Marc Papillon-Ferland. 

    Video by Matt Smith 

    Audio recording by Dan Canfield

  • Sing Me Home

    SING ME HOME feat Daniel Lavoie.

    Director: Pierre-Luc Racine. Location: Studio Dandurand in Montreal.


  • Prends garde (Let'em Talk) - Live with Rosie & the Riveters

    Live and FRENCH! rendition of Rosie & the Riveters' last single: Let'em Talk. Recorded in Toronto by Southern Souls.

  • I Wanna Be King- Live with Rosie & the Riveters

    Live performance at the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. June 2019.