Jeffery Straker

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Jeffery Straker
Regina, SK

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Singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker's music blends folk, pop & cabaret, sounding like a mix of Elton John from the '70s, Sarah Slean, and Ben Folds with a dash of Harry Chapin. Recently recorded for CBC Canada Live and charted TOP 10 on MuchMoreMusic Canada. Performs 100+ shows/year. BOOKINGS:  Paquin Entertainment (Canada/US) agent: Grant Paley 204-988-1125,       PUBLICITY:  Jane Harbury Publicity 416-960-1568/647-519-6706, RECENT REVIEW QUOTES: "Let’s cut to the chase: Vagabond is one of the most faultlessly conceived and meticulously executed albums in any genre to come out of Canada in a long time..." - Toronto Star Oct 9, 2012 (4/4 stars)   - review of new 2012 release "There are no wasted words for Straker as a lyricist. He’s like an artist painting a masterpiece without using excessive brush strokes...His ability on the piano is remarkable and his voice has found a spot that is distinctly his." - Regina Leader Post Oct 2012 (4/5 Stars) - review of new 2012 release. “Rufus Wainwright, as well as k.d. lang, are among Canadians making essential and beautiful music. Add the name Jeffery Straker to that list." - Chicago Free Press “Witty…energetic & emotional. A comet of energy bursting off the stage.” - Saskatoon Star Phoenix (Aug 2011)  BIO Singer-songwriter-pianist Jeffery Straker performs over 100 shows per year across Canada.  He recently recorded for CBC radio’s ‘Canada Live’, and had a music video rise to the top 10 (#6) on Canada’s MuchMoreMusic. His album ‘Step Right Up’ was the #5 selling album in his homeland of Saskatchewan in August 2010, ahead of both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga. He’s sure neither of them cared. But he is sure that he, in fact, did. He launched a new album in 2011, ‘under the soles of my shoes’, and toured Canada in support of it with shows ranging from intimate house concerts to a sold-out orchestral debut with the full Regina Symphony Orchestra (Oct 2011). His songs have played on both CBC and commercial radio. Straker has completed a new recording, 'Vagabond', released Oct 2 2012. The album was produced by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter Danny Michel and they used one of Glenn Gould's pianos at the CBC in Toronto for the project. The album debuted in the top 20 on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts, has charted in the top 10 on both Winnipeg & Halifax college radio and was a top 20 selling album in the province of Saskatchewan in its 2nd week. Michel's skilled production and arrangement savvy lend the album an earthy, organic quality, allowing the songs to breathe and wrap around the listener. The recording has left critics speaking very favourably. Jeffery and his piano-folk-pop-cabaret music are often compared to a mixture of early Elton John, Ben Folds, Sarah Slean, and Harry Chapin. Originally from small-town Saskatchewan, the classically trained pianist was raised by a church organist mother and an auctioneer father. He swears he was born under the piano on the family farm. All this might explain his ability to share songs with audiences. Highlights of his recent touring include: a debut performance at the National Arts Centre (Ottawa), his 4th invite to the Breakout West Festival (Western Canadian Music Awards), Regina Folk Festival performance, and showcasing at Canadian Music Week (Toronto).  He has also performed at JunoFest and NXNE and toured in Ghana (Africa) in early 2012. Jeffery thanks the Saskatchewan Arts Board and FACTOR for their support of his music. For tour dates, music and videos:  



  • Vagabond

    Various Artists

    October 2012

    Produced by Danny Michel music/lyrics: Jeffery Straker "Four out of four stars" - Toronto Star
  • under the soles of my shoes

    Various Artists

    Produced by Dave Thomson music/lyrics: Jeffery Straker
  • Step Right Up

    Various Artists

    Produced by Justin Gray music/lyrics: Jeffery Straker
  • Songs from Highway 15

    Various Artists

    Produced by Brian Moncarz music/lyrics: Jeffery Straker
  • North Star Failing

    Various Artists

    June 2015

    Jeffery and his piano-folk-pop music are often compared to a mixture of early Elton John, Ben Folds, Sarah Slean, Billy Joel and Harry Chapin. Straker’s new album reached #9 on iTunes Singer Songwriter chart in its 2nd week, and #6 in Saskatchewan sales in its 3rd week. “(This) is a pop record of the kind Elton John made in his peak early period. But Straker covers a wide swath of musical territory on this new disc, keeping us wondering where we might go next, while never losing sight of the importance of a finely crafted tune. Why doesn’t all pop music sound like this?” – Mark Rheaume, CBC Radio. Produced by: Dean Drouillard. Recorded at: The Rogue, Toronto ON and Studio One, Regina. More info:

  • Dirt Road Confessional

    Various Artists

    May 2017

    Straker’s latest brings a roots-inspired flavour to his piano-driven sound. The singer-musician and road warrior has created a recording that sounds like his multitude of influences: a little bit roots/country, a little bit piano-folk-pop, and a lot of wonderful stories. Lyrically, the album speaks to the tug between life on the road pursuing a dream of music and the longing for love and cultivating a relationship. Some songs have steel guitar accompanying the piano, others invite dobro and banjo for texture. Recorded at: Various studios in Echo Lake NS, Toronto ON, Los Angeles CA, and Regina. Produced by: Daniel Ledwell, Royal Wood/Lawrence Katz, Brad Prosko/Murray Pulver, Dean Drouillard, Robyn Dell’Unto.