Cases' Creed

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Russ Case
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Choiceland, SK

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Cases’ Creed consists of a duo who have been working together musically for over 25 years.  Lynn and Russ Case bring both their songwriting skills and their musicianship to their new album called “Not Good at Letting Go.” Having been involved in the music scene in Ontario and Alberta, Lynn and Russ now reside in Choiceland, Saskatchewan. Experiencing the musical diversities in three different provinces, as well as taking the opportunity to live in Nashville for six months, has given Cases’ Creed a well-rounded perspective on the intricacies of songwriting.  Their new album, an eclectic mix of music styles, reflects this musical journey which over the years has encompassed a wide range of musical tastes, from pop to rock to country. The album is a culmination of musical styles resulting from many years of writing and performance experience. Lyrically this album is a window that opens to the thoughts and feelings of both of these songwriters as they experience the day to day world around them. As their band name “Creed” suggests, what a song says is as important as the music that the lyrics are embedded in. Consequently, this album gives the listener many opportunities to share in a wide range of emotions that Lynn and Russ believe to be common emotions that a great number of people will relate to. Lynn has been a singer and performer most of her life.  Russ plays a myriad of instruments, the main ones being acoustic and electric guitar. Together, they have been in a number of different bands over the years, but in the late '90s they decided to take a break from the performing side of things to concentrate solely on their love of songwriting. They have nine songs published in the U.S. and have been winners in the Great American Songwriting Contest in three different years. As well, they have received top forty honorable mention in Nashville’s worldwide CMA songwriting competition. Many of the songs they have written are professionally demoed with some of Nashville...



  • Not Good At Letting Go

    Various Artists

    September 2011

    Cases' Creed mixes a rich blend of rock, pop and country with intelligent lyrics, resulting in a unique album which takes you on a journey through a range of emotions.