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Chady Nasr
Saskatoon, SK

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Parab Poet is a dynamic emcee, live beat maker and performer. Being immersed in the Hip Hop Culture for most of his life, he breathes the elements. Combining live beat instrumentation with honest and heartfelt rhymes, Parab has created his latest fresh and unique expression. Amped and on poise, this creative conduit is ready to flow. 




  • "Pipe Dreams" Release

    September 21, 2021

    A new video single from Parab Poet, featuring his daughter Rena. This is the single and first release from his upcoming album ‘Babelism’ coming out this Fall. Video by Dilly Bat Productions.


  • New Video and Single 'Samsara' by Parab Poet

    New Video and Single 'Samsara' by Parab Poet

    February 29, 2020

    Newest Single & Video by Parab Poet titled 'Samsara' makes its debut to the world on Leap Year Day, Saturday February 29, 2020. This song is rare and unique like a Leap Day, so it was only fitting to have the two align. Samsara was performed and captured in its entirety as a 'freestyle.' Parab later went on to record it and shoot the music video. With videography from Saskatoon's own Dilly Bat Productions and Vancouver based Achee TV, they helped Parab capture and reenact the day Samsara was birthed. With production from Kwest (Poetic Pilgrims) Parab happened upon this beat on an old beat machine. It was discovered only a few hours before the upsetting experience which led to the freestyle ventilation and creation of this gem. A Must See Video and Song that may only occur every four years or so... we recommend you enter into Samsara by Parab Poet. 

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  • Matters Most

    Various Artists

    August 2010

    Parab's first solo album titled "Matters Most' initiates his journey as a solo artist. Part of the group Poetic Pilgrims, Parab ventured into his first solo work with this debut. Producing half of the record, he leaned on Kwest (Poetic Pilgrims) and Big Jess (Unknown Prophets) for the rest. The album takes you into his journey through rhymes of contemplation to what really matters most. First to him, and then the listener, he travels through his mind and heart cleaning up shop and decluttering to see what may remain. 


  • Parab Poet & the Hip Hop Hippies

    Various Artists

    December 2016

    PPHHH represent an unconventional combination: world drumming meets hip hop, hip hop meets reggae, jazz meets marching band, classical meets folk; the Saskatoon hip hop collective embody these blended vibrations and more. Their self-titled album weaves conscious poems with mandolin melodies, folk-inspired violin, jazzy trumpet and soaring vocals. The four-part rhythm section and turntables keep the record rooted in hip hop. Each song invites you into a groovy listening experience. Their positive message and good vibrations will have you pushing repeat.

    Recorded at: Full Colour Music & Recording, Saskatoon. Produced by: Parab Poet and the Hip Hop Hippies. Released: December 16, 2016

  • Attuned

    Various Artists

    January 2020

    Parab's Beat EP, 'Attuned' marks his very first instrumental release. Featuring 6 tracks, all produced and mixed by Parab himself, the listener dives into Parab's beat personality. Originating from live beat making and finger drumming, this album was birthed within a week of inspiration in which Parab 'Attuned' himself into a creative flow, capturing it within this EP. Available on all major streaming platforms. 

  • Synergy

    Various Artists

    December 2012

    Parab teams with his longtime friend and producer Hesami to give you their Debut EP titled 'Synergy' This album is what sparked the Hip Hop Hippies as they brought to LIVE the songs from this project. Hesami and Chady (Parab) go back to the mid 90's where they helped start the hip hop scene in Saskatoon. S Y N E R G Y 


Matters Most

From Matters Most


  • Samsara

    Samsara is the latest Single from Parab Poet. This song was birthed as a freestyle that later came to be one of Parab's favs to date. With production from Kwest (Poetic Pilgrims) Parab happened upon the beat on an 18 year old zip disc. Falling into a freestyle, Parab captured the lyrics on his voice memo. After recording it professionally, Parab partnered with videographers Dilly Bat Productions and AcheeTV, as they brought to life the visuals in his head, replaying the inception of this song...

  • Pipe Dreams

    Pipe Dreams is the single from Parab's Upcoming Album 'Babelism' which is set to be released Fall 2021. The song/video features his daughter Rena

    Video - Dilly Bat Productions