Hurricane Cletis

Categories: Groups and Duos

Genres: Rock


Greg Dyck
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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It's the kind of music your mother warned you to stay away from.  It's dirty. It's loud. It's a damn good time.  It's the kind of hard rock that attracts horn throwing in the masses.  And it can only be described as one thing - Hurricane Cletis.   Hailing from Saskatchewan, Hurricane Cletis has created their own brand of rock and roll insanity, disposing it on music lovers everywhere.  Hitting the stage in ’06, HC earned the respect of industry heavy-weights when claiming the winners' title of the Ultimate Band Warz.  HC then went on to receive a $10000 recording grant and shortly after, the song ‘Stained’ won the Provincial Radio Star Songwriting Competition.  In 2009, HC was named the Saskatchewan Top 30’s Artist of the Year.   HC has recorded two albums and has shared stages with Hinder, Seether, Econoline Crush, Saliva, Big Sugar, The Trews, Age of Daze & Wide Mouth Mason to name a few.