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David Freeman
Box 51, 341 Bison St.
Tugaske, SK, S0H 4B0

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Timeless Instruments was started in 1980 by David Freeman. He has repaired instruments since 1974 and began designing & building his own in 1980. He has developed models of acoustic guitars that are balanced and include the full range from bass to the 24th fret of the high E string! The Guitar Construction Training Luthiers ran from 1986 to 2021.Training is By appointment only now.  The Luthier Supplies began in 1987 and have a large selection of luthier materials for sale.

In his career, David has built and repaired most fretted string instruments such as guitars, resonators, arch tops, bouzoukis, mandolins, violins, dulcimers, harps, and is currently developing violin bow construction. He is using traditional woods as well as researching alternative tonewoods as the traditional woods have become difficult to acquire or endangered.

For commissioned instruments aged wood, some cut in the 1960's, are available at a premium. This has been collected over the years in David's personal supply. A large inventory of current wood can be used for commissioned pieces. See the finished instrument section to view his work, designs & concepts.

This inventory is available for the mail-order Lutherie Supplies. Timeless Instruments re-saws timber to manufacture guitars, allowing some custom cutting for special orders. We also carry a large inventory or pearl and shell for inlay work. If you don't see an item you need contact us at david@timelessinstruments.com as it may be in stock or easily fabricated.

David's skill crosses into art as well. This is reflected in the inlays using shell, wood, metal, and stone. He also creates sculptural pieces on commission. Gold, silver, and jade jewelry is also created.