Glenn Sutter

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Genres: Blues, Folk, Jazz, Rock


Glenn Sutter
26 Bole Place
Regina, SK, S4S 3W7

Phone: (306) 522-7670
Phone: (306) 787-2859


Listening to Glenn Sutter (‘sue-ter’), either solo or with his band Rivertime, is like catching up with an old friend. After getting bogged down with the stress and complexities of daily life, you suddenly feel a sense of contentment and are reminded of what’s truly important. With his uplifting brand of folk-rock, Sutter’s honest, smart, and emotional songs have been catching the attention of music lovers across Saskatchewan and beyond for almost a decade. 

A lifelong, classically-trained musician, Sutter released his debut CD All You Need in 2008, produced by WCMA-winner David j Taylor. One of the tracks - a song about global issues called Weight of the World - brought national exposure when it became the Saskatchewan track on David Suzuki's Playlist for the Planet (CBC Radio3). This led to a 2010 live collaboration with Brett Dolter (B.D. Willoughby) called Seeds, and a 2011 solo release called Sweet Happiness, again produced by Taylor. Sutter has spent the last few years playing local shows, touring, and writing new songs. The result is a stunning third solo album. Released in 2015, Let the Dog Run is a folk-rock gem chock full of hope, optimism, and honesty, produced by Mark Schmidt.



  • Let The Dog Run

    Various Artists

    March 2016

    Regina folk­‐rocker Sutter’s third album contains a mix of straight-­‐ahead rockers, acoustic tunes, and piano ballads. The record ranges from reflections on worldly concerns to insights about personal resilience, through themes of renewal and res...