Donjames LeBlanc

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Donjames LeBlanc
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Guitarist (lead, electric rhythm, acoustic, classical), singer/songwriter, producer, artist, instrumentalist, tenor banjo, electric bass. Has studio session, solo, and band experience. His discography consists of nine albums. His latest bilingual vocal release is "One Life to Live/Une Vie a Vivre" and his latest guitar instrumental releases are entitled "Guitar Serenade (Adult Contemporary)", and "A Musician For All Seasons (Classical Guitar)"!


Following is a listing of Donjames LeBlanc 10 Compact Disque releases:

"Donjames LeBlanc and his guitar" MMCD101

"Beatin The Pavement" MMCD102

"Don LeBlanc Country" MMCD103

"Dream and Smile" DJLCD104

"Too Much Too Hot" MMCD105

"L'il Acadian Boy/Petit Gars Acadien" MMCD106...Bilingual CD

"One Life To Live/Une Vie À Vivre" MMCD107...Bilingual CD

"Guitar Serenade" DJLCD108...Guitar Instrumental of Jazz, AC and Country favorites

"A Musician For All Seasons" DJLCD109 Classical Guitar renditions of 18th and 19 century hits

"My Home Is Saskatchewan" MMCD110...Once again...all DJL compositions

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  • Wanna Make House With Me

    Wanna Make House With Me

    October 20, 2014

    "Wanna Make House With Me", to be released Fall 2014, is a traditional country selection. Like all of Donjames LeBlanc's compositions, this work was written, arranged, produced and performed by Donjames LeBlanc. "Wanna Make House With Me" is taken from DJL's latest CD release, MMCD110, MY HOME IS SASKATCHEWAN




    Various Artists

    July 2013

    Estevan’s Donjames LeBlanc is a veteran of ‘multi-format’ music: progressive, danceable and happy targeted towards pop, pop-country, lite rock and A/C with a touch of jazz for good measure. Comprised of Donjames’ vocal, several different guitar st...


  • Rescued On The Fence

    RESCUED ON THE FENCE, country-rock song is found on MMCD107 'One Life To Live/Une Vie À Vivre'; the french version is entitled, SAUVÉ SUR LA CLÔTURE and is found on the same CD. The vidéo was shot in Toronto, Ontario

  • Donjames LeBlanc Classical Guitar Moments Live

    This 17+ minutes solo instrumental classical guitar of several sound bite-selections...This vidéo was done at the Regina Floral Conservatory.